dolphinkickbearbear said: Are you closed for good?! I went by last weekend and the thrift store was all stripped down... please tell me this is just a reno.

We are in fact totally closed! That’s it, that’s all!

The Antlers - Drift Dive from Undersea EP (Vinyl-EP)

Diiv - Doused from Oshin (CD/…LP will be here next week)

Om - State of No Return form Advaitic Songs (CD/LP)

oh wow. 

Royal Thunder - Down from CVI (CD)

Primate - Draw Back a Stump from Draw Back a Stump (CD)

Horseback - Mithras from Half Blood (CD)

Dying Fetus - Subjected to a Beating from Reign Supreme (CD/DLX CD)

Echo Lake - Wild Peace from Wild Peace (LP/…cd in next week!)

Twin Shadow - Five Seconds from Confess (CD/LP)